Holiday Cottages in Ireland - be charmed and becalmed by Ireland
Self-catering cottage holidays in Ireland

View a collection of holiday cottages in Ireland and book one for a self-catering holiday or maybe just a weekend break.  Rent a luxury house, apartment or traditional farmhouse and explore Ireland on your vacations this year.

Irish people at many times in their history have had to leave the home country for employment and a better life overseas.   People retain that contact with their roots and often want to return to Ireland to visit family, friends or simply to find out where they came from.  An old Irish saying is that ‘your feet take you to where your heart lies’ and despite living overseas, Irish roots extend back to the homeland. This has created a requirement for holiday accommodation that allows people to stay for a week or several weeks. Fortunately, Ireland, due to their optimistic overbuilding programme in the early 2000s has a large stock of potential holiday homes waiting to be occupied.

Ireland’s reputation as an unspoiled green rural holiday destination, good for fishing, golf, walking holidays, horse riding and watching horse racing also draws the crowds.  Irish culture and tradition has been spread around the world along with Irish pubs and music. All that cheery banter, quick wit and the ability to talk about every possible topic is embedded in Irish genes and holidaymakers love it. People want lively, good quality holidays in Ireland and if you are one of them, do investigate the holiday homes you might wish to stay in and places that you would like to see and spend a few happy days in the Emerald Isle.

CountryCottagesOnline.Net have a good selection of holiday homes in Ireland for you to choose from. 

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May God speed your journey to Ireland and bring you to the land of your forefathers.